Skybox Security: Complete Attack Visibility and Intelligence

Gidi Cohen, CEO
With each passing day, cybercrime is taking a new shape due to the extensive use of advanced technologies like WLAN, mobile devices, and virtualized networks. A veteran in cybersecurity analytics, Gidi Cohen notes, “Over the last few years, cybercrime has evolved from separate efforts of threat actors to a full-blown industry whereby exploit kits that take advantage of existing vulnerabilities are packaged, sold, and re-sold.” The commercialization of cybercrimes is making it easier than ever for criminals to attack organizations at a skyrocketing pace. To keep up against such threat vectors, security professionals are changing their strategies and processes around vulnerability management. Aiding their efforts is Skybox Security that offers cybersecurity management solutions for enterprises to eliminate attack vectors and safeguard business critical data. Skybox solutions drive vulnerability and threat management, firewall management, and continuous compliance monitoring with complete visibility of the attack surface.

The Skybox Security Suite is an advanced analytics platform comprised of five integrated modules that improve security operations and management for vulnerability and threat management and security policy management. Skybox’s Vulnerability Control and Firewall Assurance integrate with RSA Security’s Archer, an eGRC platform to provide comprehensive risk insights for proactive protection and centralized firewall management to keep firewalls clean, optimized, and compliant.

As part of the Security Suite, Skybox Vulnerability Control combines data from scanners, vulnerability, and threat intelligence sources to analyze business risk and prioritize remediation activities. It works with RSA’s eGRC platform allowing customers to automatically import comprehensive vulnerability scan assessment information into Archer. This way, owners can report on vulnerabilities affecting their business-critical assets in a single view. Scan result records are also created in Archer that can be easily correlated with other applications for detailed vulnerability occurrence results.

On the other hand, Skybox Firewall Assurance is responsible for automating firewall management tasks across various vendors and complex rule sets.

Over the last few years, cybercrime has evolved from separate efforts of threat actors to a full-blown industry

Firewall Assurance’s integration with RSA’s compliance management solution Archer offers a centralized, access-controlled environment for automating compliance processes, assessing deficiencies, and managing remediation efforts. This empowers clients to audit platform security of firewalls and spot weaknesses in their configurations.

Skybox Security has garnered its esteemed clientele from various industries ranging from financial, government, energy to telecommunications. In one instance, a global payment processing company required enhanced granular network metrics reports to understand various risks and vulnerable assets to establish correlations among existing solutions of RSA Archer and enVision SIEM solutions. The client implemented Skybox Vulnerability Control in their security operations center that helped them gather deeper insights on security incidents detected by SIEM. The payment processing company also used Firewall Assurance to clean up and optimize multiple firewalls. Through Skybox’s solutions, the client was able to increase SIEM efficiency and accuracy by 50 percent and increase remediation efficiency by 75 percent.

Skybox is helmed by Cohen, a respected innovator in the security analytics space, bringing the experience of over a decade in empowering organizations to address vulnerabilities. He envisions the future of the company to cater to new demands for better visibility of attack surface and greater insight into risks, especially as companies migrate to new technologies like virtual and cloud networks. “Looking ahead, we fully expect to continue at the same pace. The demand for integrated platforms like ours is rising because CISOs want to consolidate the tools they use under centralized management,” he concludes.

Skybox Security

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Gidi Cohen, CEO

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