OneLogin: Securing Identity Management in Cloud

Thomas Pedersen, Founder & CEO
Securing an organization’s network system has conventionally been a struggle between rivals, where the penetrator tries to perforate, and the inventor tries to seal them up. In the present epoch of the threat landscape, it has become an interdisciplinary challenge for organizations to achieve and maintain security, with computing systems permeating the day-to-day process. It has become mandatory for the CIO’s to seemingly engage with the latest security and risk management programs to keep their critical corporate data secure, their users’ endpoints and servers up and running. To this need, OneLogin helps organizations to secure every device by delivering enterprise agility with secure app access across corporate desktops, web and mobile—enforcing security policies by IP address. The company enables IT administrators to execute identity policy across all devices, users, cloud and on-premises applications, making it easier to execute compliance policies.

The San Francisco, CA based firm is an Identity and Access Management (IAM) provider that brings speed and integrity to the organizations with Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions and identity-management platform. This platform secures and manages identities in cloud, legacy and hybrid environments within the organization—freeing up the time-consuming hassles of supervising the on-premise directories. IAM annihilates the requirement for manual deprovisioning, provisioning projects, and username and password resets. It reduces provisioning requests to minutes and prevents unauthorized access—enabling employees to work faster and better.

In addition to IAM platform, OneLogin proffers open-source Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) toolkit that curtails the development time and lessens the complexity for the SaaS vendors. This SAML web browser is a single sign-on protocol that eliminates passwords from the traditional login process, providing a quick and safe application access.

As one of the first cloud-based Identity & Access Management (IAM) providers to strongly integrate with RSA SecurID technology, the firm offers the clients a wide range of pre-integrated, strong authentication options.

The RSA SecurID integration helps establish OneLogin as one of the fastest-to-deploy IAM solutions for web applications

“This integration enables companies already using RSA SecurID technology to leverage their existing investment to more easily help secure access to cloud applications via OneLogin’s solution,” appraises Thomas Pedersen, Founder and CEO of OneLogin. “The RSA SecurID integration helps establish OneLogin as one of the fastest-to-deploy IAM solutions for web applications.” The firm uses RSA SecurID technology as a well-built authentication factor to avert the unauthorized access to OneLogin, enabling users to enter a one-time password generated by RSA SecurID technology—in addition to their personal passwords.

Vindicating such expertise, OneLogin assisted Analyte Health, a cloud power user that had over 50 applications—with several shared logins, that were used enterprise-wide. As the company grew big, the client analyzed that sharing passwords was neither convenient nor secure for the employees and needed the ability to easily manage cloud application access and pair each employee with a unique password. OneLogin provided the client with tools that enhanced productivity for all its employees by giving a protected username and password. With the use of OneLogin’s SAML tool and APIs, Analyte was able to manage users in one central location just one click away. Ensuing this, the extensible platform enabled them to competently manage access to their company’s portfolio of cloud applications, adding single sign-on capabilities to its internal applications.

Surging towards the future, OneLogin is all set to expand its operations worldwide, by building deep-rooted relationships with clients and customizing their solutions according to their needs. With a high-powered dynamic work culture, the company will keep a close eye on the latest technologies for exploring frontiers and new horizons.


San Francisco, CA

Thomas Pedersen, Founder & CEO

Helps organizations to secure their devices with secure app access across corporate desktops, web and mobile