Merrill DataSite: Optimizing the Due Diligence Process with a VDR

Ed Bifulk, President
While IT departments are constantly at war to keep their assets safe from new threats that swarm the market every other day, another predicament keeping CIOs awake at night is their vendor's assurance on information security. “Customers expect as few individuals as possible at the service provider’s to have access to their confidential information,” states Ed Bifulk, President, Merrill DataSite. Designed to meet the needs of a variety of complex financial events, including mergers and acquisitions, and asset sales and purchases, Merrill DataSite is recognized for its international security standards for cross-border business. Given the confidential nature of any transaction, Merrill DataSite is the first Virtual Data Room (VDR) provider meeting a customer’s highest security needs. Accredited with an ISO 27001 certificate, Merrill DataSite sets the standard as the world’s first VDR certified company for their operations in U.S., Europe, and Asia.

The company offers the financial services industry a customized Virtual Data Room solution for each sector within the industry. “Whether you are raising a new fund, acquiring a company or merging with one—Merrill DataSite is the choice for each stage of financial transaction,” remarks Bifulk. In addition, at Merrill DataSite, client documents are 256-bit SSL encrypted, watermarks are tamperproof, and data can be viewed, printed, and downloaded only by the designated account holders. The platform is designed to flow like many familiar web - based applications so it’s easy to use. Merrill DataSite provides the ability to track and report each move of every user, down to specific pages viewed— providing superior insight.

Furthermore, Merrill DataSite VDR eliminates the clerical, staffing, travel and security costs associated with hosting a physical data room. Instead, multiple parties can be invited to participate in a secure, confidential online environment that is easily accessible and cost-effective. No matter the size or complexity, a customized data room can be up and running in two hours. “Our project managers can help build a secure due diligence approach; determining the necessary data, incite on how to organize it and maintain confidentiality,” says Bifulk. The company provides real-time visibility into viewer activities which can be used when gauging interest and intent of participants.

No matter the size or complexity, a customized data room can be up and running in two hours

As clients are constantly perturbed with the identity of the parties accessing their tools, Merrill Datasite provides RSA SecurID Two-Factor Authentication as a solution. Limiting control access to authorized individuals, a multifactor authentication is used, which pairs a username and password with a convenient mobile two-factor authentication which means one-time token codes will be sent to a user’s email address for access to the project. “The Two Factor solution typically adds a one-time token code, to a username and/or password,” states Bifulk. Since a client possesses the device which generates the token, this helps to ensure the identity of the person accessing the system.

In one instance, a multinational online company used Merrill DataSite to gain control of complex tax audits. The company needed an easy-to-use tool that would allow quick and secure access for all relevant parties. This comprised the information that could be viewed and downloaded by tax auditors, tools to audit users’ document, review activities and robust and flexible search functionality. Merrill proposed a Merrill DataSite online document repository for their tax documents. This included all information on hand, dating from the founding of the company to current day financial statements. As a result, the client had a highly organized electronic document index which allowed for faster and more efficient audit preparations, which not only saved time but reduced costs.

Through deployment of advanced technology, dedicated customer service, and constant development, Merrill DataSite has emerged as a leading provider of VDR solutions and will continue to scale heights in the future.

Merrill DataSite

St. Paul, MN

Ed Bifulk, President

Provides a complete, secure VDR solution that optimizes the due diligence process by overcoming the many limitations of a traditional paper data room.