Covertix: Protecting Data Universally

Yoran Sirkis, CEO
Whilst working on major communications projects with global companies, Tzach Kaufman spotted a number of caveats which concerned the protection of the underlying information in the infrastructure. This concern gave him the impetus to lay the foundation of Covertix for resolving crucial security problems. Kaufman, Founder and CTO, Covertix, conceived SmartCipher—a suite of data-centric security solutions to offer complete information protection, secure collaboration and data security. “With Covertix technology, one can determine the who, what, when, where, and how parameters of file access at the time of creation, either following manual classification or pre-determined classification within the IT infrastructure,” delineates Yoran Sirkis, CEO, Covertix.

On the account of skyrocketing number of connected mobile devices and increased use of Dropbox in enterprises today, organizations need solutions to protect information everywhere. Addressing this need, Covertix SmartCipher finds, identifies, classifies and protects information, whoever has it, everywhere–on site, cloud, device, or partners’ networks. “Our solution wraps the file with a layer of data security, protecting information in motion, in use, and at rest with complete intelligence, governance and reporting via three modes—Discovery, Simulate and Active,” explains Sirkis. These modes deliver comprehensive, real-time status of all designated digital assets, test the system before implementation, and provide surveillance and protection on confidential files. Customers can leverage the firm’s discovery phase to get a clearer picture of their corporate workflow for better allocation of storage resources.

Covertix also simplifies the arduous and tedious process of data collaboration from disparate sources by classifying security in context in real time. The firm’s Dynamic Context Classification Engine discovers the best policy at the time of data access, with complete control of where, what device and by whom a file can be accessed, edited, copied, printed and more. “Administrators can change access in real time, so if someone’s role has changed, separation of duties can be enforced, even with already opened messages,” adds Sirkis. Further, the firm’s simple-to-use API allows quick integration with SIEM solutions and big data security analytics solutions protecting both information as well as infrastructure.

Our solution wraps the file with a layer of data security, protecting information in motion, in use, and at rest with complete intelligence, governance and reporting

The core value of SmartCipher emanates from provisioning complete control and protection of confidential files and allows sharing them with the right people. Further, “Our policy-based mail encryption also provisions protection to Outlook folders in Office 365 and protects sensitive mail traffic from across cloud vendors,” explains Sirkis. Covertix also shines out for providing the visibility while fulfilling many of the requirements under GDPR. For instance, the IP Tracker features of SmartCipher quickly respond to commands like ‘Find all Credit Card Numbers’, delivering a complete list of every document containing credit card information and its exact location.

Covertix’ solutions have assisted a large clientele base in highly regulated industries to provide them with an edge to thrive in the era of security vulnerabilities. In a recent case, a large financial institution approached Covertix to allow access to confidential information only to their senior management. Covertix’ solution assisted the client to completely control access, while ensuring that only senior executives can open, edit, or share the information. Covertix also allowed IT teams to manage security without accessing the information in the files; lowering exposure of confidential information to IT teams,” states Sirkis.

With a focus to universally protect data regardless of their location, Covertix is forging ahead by providing the visibility to organizations allowing them to know where their information is, track it easily, and get full reports based on predefined parameters.


New York, NY

Yoran Sirkis, CEO and Tzach Kaufmann, CTO

Provider of data-centric security solutions for complete information protection and secure collaboration