Kerio Technologies: The Challenge of Protecting Small and Mid-sized Businesses in 2015

CIO VendorMirek Kren, COO and General Manager
All businesses face security threats in the form of data loss, theft, cyber attacks, or malware. Be it high profile attacks like the Dominos hack by Rex Mundi or the eBay hack of 145 million accounts in 2014, “Cybercrime is getting more sophisticated and 2015 won’t be any different,” says Mirek Kren, COO and General Manager, Kerio Technologies. “This threat affects not only large enterprises like eBay, but also Small and Mid-sized Businesses (SMBs) who use the Internet and communicate through email,” he adds.

Intellectual property and sensitive company data are popular reasons for targeting organizations – and the loss of either can be catastrophic for a business large or small. Inadequate protection against cyber criminals can result in financial and contractual losses plus damage to brand reputation. The typical manager or owner in a smaller business does not have the time or the expertise to understand the nuances of network security, as they juggle a multitude of business priorities. “We understand that SMBs have limited time, budget and in-house expertise to deal with cyber-attacks, so our approach is to combine powerful business security capabilities (including network firewall and router, intrusion detection and prevention (IPS), gateway antivirus and more) in a flexible, accessible and easy to use way, protecting confidential information and the reputation of the business,” says Kren.

As cybercrime becomes more complex with growing potential for cyber criminals to launch sophisticated multi-pronged attacks, it is more important than ever for companies in the security landscape to stay relevant and deliver the technology that ensures security. Through innovation, market research and feedback from customers, Kerio aims to do just that.
“At Kerio we provide an environment for the team to work together to deliver cutting-edge technology,” says Kren. “We have been operating in a constantly evolving security landscape for nearly 18 years, continually developing and improving our products to protect our customers against emerging threats.”

With all of the deployment options available on the market, SMBs do not need to panic. Business managers and owners are able to choose a security solution that best fits their environment. “It is always better to choose a solution that fits a business, rather than trying to adjust a network and business to suit a security solution,” advises Kren. “We’ve found that offering a range of virtual, hardware and software appliances enables our customers to integrate security into their existing environment without any hassle.”

Kerio also offers other products designed specifically for SMBs, helping them to connect, communicate, and collaborate without compromising security. Kerio Connect provides email, calendars, contacts, tasks, chat and more and is available as a cloud service or in-house mail server. Kerio Operator, a Voice over IP (VoIP) business phone system, saves administration time, while offering powerful capabilities in place of a traditional PBX (private branch exchange). And Samepage is an online place where people can easily share ideas, content, and context with each other to get more done.

With Kerio nominated as a top 20 most promising RSA security solution provider, Kren looks to the future, “With more businesses employing remote workers, the growth of BYOD, and the migration of applications from on-premise to Cloud or Hybrid models, our goal is to continue to provide the powerful and smart security solutions that will protect the users, systems and business information of tomorrow’s small and mid-sized business.”

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Mirek Kren, COO and General Manager

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