IXIA: End-to-End Solutions and Services to Maximize Network Security

CIO VendorBethany Mayer, President and CEO
Organizations today contribute a considerable amount of time and assets into system security, all with an end goal to diminish hazards and avert breaches. The security architecture of organizations must be resilient and the security products deployed must have greater performance and scalability, with maximum effectiveness. “We help organizations with their security programs, and ensure that they have network security which is high performing with resilience,” says Bethany Mayer, President and CEO, Ixia.

Based in Calabasas, CA, Ixia offers a comprehensive suite of security products and solutions to validate, secure, and optimize businesses’ physical and virtual networks. The company helps organizations with a lifecycle approach which involves testing a security product to assess its real-world performance with other applications and neutralizing threats which an attacker may use to try and exploit any vulnerability. The company assists customers to architect their network security by providing inline bypass switches that enable the deployment and ongoing management of inline security prevention devices such as NGFW (Next Generation Firewall), IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) and other security products. “It may also involve the deployment of network packer brokers to provide access to traffic in physical or virtual networks so that security monitoring tools have full visibility of large traffic rates,” says Mayer.

Ixia leverages its expertise to help customers complete validation engagements, such as validating a network or security design, including device evaluation. The company also works with its customers to improve preparedness and responsiveness for threats such as DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack or other large scale attacks. Ixia accomplishes it through cyber exercises conducted with real-world scenarios (attack types, applications and load). The exercises help to ensure that a DDoS mitigation plan works effectively when a real attack hits an organization. “It also helps organizations train their staff and gain a better understanding of the way their security strategy will perform when the organization falls victim to a wide range of attacks,” says Mayer.

We help organizations with their security programs, and we ensure that they have security resilience

In an attempt to stay ahead in the innovative space, Ixia is focused on the intersection of innovation and addressing customers’ challenges. The company’s focus on innovation has delivered many “first to market” technologies and products. “We have developed Application and Threat Intelligence expertise that includes extensive understanding of the security threat landscape and the applications that are used across many organizations,” says Mayer.

Ixia has numerous well known customers in its portfolio. One of them is Yahoo! which faced an increasing growth in traffic volume and application infrastructure complexity. They were in need of a powerful solution that could effectively tackle its unique network and ensure performance, availability, and security to avoid potential disasters. Yahoo! turned to Ixia, which provided a solution called BreakingPoint and helped Yahoo! to measure and add capacity to withstand peak load by subjecting applications, servers, and network infrastructure to application traffic from millions of users as well as cyber attacks. Ixia also helped Yahoo! to conduct repeatable and deterministic network equipment evaluations and improved ROI on IT. Ixia’s solution validated defenses against large-scale DDoS attacks.

Moving forward, Ixia is focused on developing and providing effective solutions for customers ensuring that their infrastructure is capable of delivering application performance and security resilience. The company will get more involved in helping customers to validate, secure and optimize their security experience. “We are innovating to ensure that our solutions portfolio will allow customers to deliver their products and services with the highest levels of performance and security,” concludes Mayer.


Calabasas, CA

Bethany Mayer, President and CEO

A provider of application performance and security resilience solutions to validate, secure, and optimize businesses’ physical and virtual networks.