Entrust Datacard: Making Anywhere-Anytime Experiences Reliable and Secure

CIO VendorDavid Wagner, President
The frequency and cost of cybercrime continues to increase. Many breaches begin with compromised identities and stolen credentials—and infiltrations target identity-related data that use a variety of attack vectors. In addition to this, decision-makers will also need to balance benefits of IoT and cloud with the security needed to safeguard information and ensure regulatory compliance. “Without trusted identities, organizations are limited in the extent they can embrace new technology,” begins David Wagner, President of Entrust Datacard. Identity-based security enables companies to empower employees and service customers, while competing in dynamic/competitive markets. Banks, governments, corporations, and other organizations need technologies that make underlying IT ecosystems secure and efficient. Entrust Datacard, headquartered at Shakopee, MN, offers the trusted identity and secure transaction technologies that make the ecosystems secure.

“At Entrust Datacard, we believe everything begins with identity. Our portfolio aligns with the intersection of payments and information security,” remarks Wagner. “We are able to furnish technologies and expertise that our customers need to address critical challenges.” Take the example of consumer market where the legacy business models and go-to-market strategies previously deployed by financial institutions have generally not kept pace with changing consumer behaviors. Entrust Datacard solutions empower consumer marketers to deliver robust end-user experiences that drive loyalty, trust and profitability—while offering the flexibility to empower traditional, online, and mobile payment platforms. “Our solutions for instant card issuance, bureau operations and transaction authentication can be configured to create powerful omni-channel experiences that delight consumers in branches, at home and on the go,” explains Wagner. This empowers banks, retailers, and other consumer marketers to look for new ways to engage customers, build their brands, and expand market share.
Entrust Datacard caters to the citizen market as well where governments face increasingly complex challenges on all fronts. Entrust Datacard offers the solutions governments need to enroll citizens, issue secure credentials, authenticate credentials at points of interaction, and securely manage credentials throughout their entire lifecycle. “The ability to establish trusted identities and conduct secure transactions at various points of interaction helps governments protect their citizens and secure their borders,” expounds Wagner.

In the enterprise market, the “Nexus of Forces”—along with mobile, cloud, big data and social innovations—are driving seismic change in the enterprise space. Using Entrust Datacard offerings, the enterprises can balance accessibility and freedom for authorized users and security and accountability for the enterprise.

“Furthermore, IdentityGuard, our flagship product enables our customers to authenticate users, devices, and transactions so they can confidently evolve their internal and external business systems, knowing that identities can be trusted,” states Wagner. “While our customers typically start with a single use case, their identity needs span a broad range of user communities and use cases. IdentityGuard innovation over the past 10 years has not only focused on security robustness, but also to provide the most advanced options for simple, convenient user experiences.” IdentityGuard offers the most comprehensive range of authentication options that allow security to be tailored to the use case and business goals—all on a single authentication platform.

“Today, virtually every consumer, citizen and enterprise employee around the world touches our solutions in some way. The need for secure identification of people and devices and strong security for credentials, mobile applications, and transactions will continue to provide strong growth opportunities for us. We intend to be at the forefront of this in the years to come,” concludes Wagner.

Entrust Datacard

Shakopee, MN

David Wagner, President

Offers the trusted identity and secure transaction technologies that make anywhere-anytime experiences reliable and secure.